Arne Kilsby 1895-1989


Arne Kilsby 1895-1989
‘Cyclist on the canal’
c1950, oil on board

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Swedish painter Arne Erik Kilsby, was born September 24, 1895 in Visnum in Värmland and died in 1989.
Kilsby studied art at Althins painter’s school in 1919 and at the 1920-1922 Academy of Fine Arts. He then continued the studies at Othon Friesz in Paris.
Kilsby debuted at the exhibition in Karlstad in 1927 in the Swedish Museum of Finnish Arts. The following year he participated with 25 works in the artist group De 13 in an exhibition at Liljevalch’s art gallery. Separately, he exhibited Modern Art in a home environment in Stockholm in 1945, and at Värmland Museum 1931 and 1951.
Kilsby is represented at the Värmland Museum, the State Art Council, Södersjukhuset, St. Eriks and St. Göran Hospital in Stockholm.