Back to the Future IV

Four artists – One art school – Five decades later

Andelli Art presents a group exhibition reuniting four contemporary artists (Kathy Dalwood, Susanna Lisle, Robin Sewell and Peter Webster) who studied together at the acclaimed Jacob Kramer Foundation Course in Leeds from 1969-70.

The Foundation Diploma in Art and Design programme was originally developed at Leeds College of Art in the 1950s by Harry Thubron (alongside Victor Pasmore and Richard Hamilton at Kings College, Newcastle). It was a radical re-thinking of visual art education based on freedom, openness, development and research.
This commitment to an open-ended process of discovery was light years from the school education most students had just left behind. It required students to quickly develop a constantly inquisitive attitude – to learn through making, thinking, then making again. They were exposed to a rapid exploration of new ideas, materials and processes all located in projects designed to foster new, unexpected visual solutions.
The experience of being a Foundation student was challenging, stimulating, scary and intense. It is unique to the UK art school experience which has contributed so much to British culture. Generations of artists, designers, musicians and film-makers cite art school as the time in their lives that they found the direction they wanted to follow.
In the early autumn of 1969, a group of young people began their art education on the Foundation Course at Jacob Kramer College of Art in Leeds. Fifty years later, almost to the day, this exhibition features the work of four of them:

Kathy Dalwood | Susanna Lisle | Robin Sewell | Peter Webster

Show runs as part of Somerset Art Weeks Festival 2019
21 September–6 October
Open Wednesday–Sunday (other days by appointment)