Carmen Lillian Cervera

Carmen Lillian Cervera
Danish winter village
1964, oil on canvas


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[tab:biography] Carmen Lillian Cervera
Carmen Cervera was born in Denmark in 1918 to a Spanish father and Danish mother. She was educated at the Royal Art Academy in 1938 and was a pupil of Sculptor Einar Utzon Frank and painter Elof Risebye.
In 1942, she married the Danish artist, Ernst Rasmussen (1912-1964). Together they moved to France shortly after WWII where they lived in Vallauris and became friends and neighbors to Pablo Picasso. Picasso did a portrait of Carmens daughter (Pia) while living there. In 1950, Carmen Cervera took longer study tours to Spain where she painted in the villages, Santander and Zamora. She also resided in Italy for a while.
Carmen Cervera is best known for her bold landscapes, her style reflecting the peculiarly Danish form of modernism, initially based on the sombre everyday-realism of around 1930s. She debuted at the Royal Charlottenborg exhibition in 1944 and participated in the artists fall exhibitions in Copenhagen from the period 1947-1961. She also had several solo shows in France and Spain. She was a member of the Danish Women’s Artist association and received the prestigious Hiemstierne-Rosencrone award in 1944. Sadly, her mental health slowed down her production and her works are very scarce. During her later years she worked in isolation and produced paintings and sculptures for friends and family only.