Chrys Allen

Chrys Allen Lost Map IV
Chrys Allen a sense of walking XII
‘Lost map IV’
Mixed media
‘A sense of walking’

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Chrys’ professional practice as a visual artist incorporates her interest in walking, drawing, printmaking, participatory arts and education. Inspired by her travels and the experience of exploring and walking the landscape, Chrys’ artwork suggests a sense of place and presence. The contemplative nature of the work reflects the process of discovery and curiosity; documenting and collecting memories. The meandering scrolls and extended panoramas are reminiscent of ancient maps, film reels and old photo film rolls. These recent works (scrolls) include the Walk in Progress series. Walk in Progress: Koli was awarded the Derwent Art Prize at The Mall Galleries 2013 and Walk in Progress: Bedrock was awarded the Installation Prize at the NOA exhibition at Somerset House 2014.
In addition to an active resume of international arts residencies and exhibitions Chrys values the opportunity to be involved with ambitious Community/Public Art Projects. As an Associate lecturer Chrys continues to enjoy working at Rose Bruford Theatre College, Kent, and has regularly worked at other universities and art schools in London and across UK. Chrys is on the board of Directors of Ignite Futures, a not-for-profit organisation promoting creativity in learning. Chrys works from her studio in Somerset UK and Koli, Finland.