Daisy Cook


daisy cook interior with Windsor Yellow
daisy cook table with bowls
‘Interior with Windsor yellow’
Oil on board, 24 x 18cm
‘Table with bowls’
Oil on board, 24 x 18cm
daisy cook Brow of the hill
daisy cook hill top
‘Brow of the hill’
Oil on board, 18 x 13cm
‘Hill top’
Oil on board, 18 x 13cm

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Daisy Cook makes paintings which deal with abstract imaginings. She has also never been afraid to engage with beauty, though she is not drawn to its more obvious manifestations. Her latest paintings bear ample witness to this. The meeting point of land, sea and sky has long been a focus for her art. Cook makes paintings which take landscape as their subject without being explicitly topographical or descriptive.
Through a suggestion of silvery clouds and mudflat she evokes a littoral: not a specific view or portrait of a place, but a larger statement about this type of country as a habitat for the spirit, a place where the imagination may soar. Photographs are used as reference, but the key energy of these paintings resides in Cook’s singular ability to recognize and identify the extraordinary in the ordinary. Her particular quality of recognition breathes through these images, animating them. Intuition and chance play their part, but they would be inert without the guiding principle of the artist’s vision.