Dan Morley


dan morley works on wood
I waited for you dan morley
in search of truth 26 x 19cm dan morley
Oil on wood
Prices from £150–£270
‘I waited for you’
Oil on wood with nail, 17 x 23cm
‘In Search of Truth (for she ever eludes us)’
Oil on board, 26 x 19cm
dan morley damsel fly triptych
we crawl endless I
we crawl endless II
‘Damsel fly triptych’
Oil on wood, each approx 7 x 9.5cm
£350 set
‘We crawled endless nameless I’
Oil on board, 15 x 21cm
‘We crawled endless nameless II’
Oil on board, 17.5 x 14cm
dan morley framed
dan morley feather
dan morley moths
Framed ‘Feather’ Sold
Framed ‘Moths’ Sold


Exploring emotion through objects and how we relate to them. The objects chosen are often small, discarded, used or old. I don’t search for specific items I just collect them as I find them or am given them by others. Their symbolic and metaphorical meanings can be both universal and personal to each person, a collection of experience and history. The more natural objects I pick such as feathers and insects add a sense of ephemerality to the work.