Dan Morley


little ritual I, 9.1x4.7cm, oil painting of bird skull, bone and blue cloth, daniel morley, £250 framed
little ritual IV, 3.5x6.5cm, oil painting of mole skull and ivy, daniel morley, £250 framed
little ritual V, 3.5x6cm, oil painting of thyme flowers and jay feather, daniel morley, £250framed
Little ritual I
(Bird skull, bone and
blue cloth)
4.7 x 9.1cm
Oil on wood
Little ritual IV
(Mole skull and ivy)
3.5 x 6.5cm
Oil on wood
Little ritual V
(Thyme flowers and
jay feather)
3.5 x 6cm
Oil on wood
little ritual VI, 3.5x7.7cm, oil painting of bone wrapped in cloth with thread, daniel morley, £250 framed
<little ritual III, 5.8x10.2cm, oil painting of copper spoon and lily of the valley flowers, daniel morley, £250 framed
Little ritual VI
(Thread wrapped bone)
3.5 x 7.7cm
Oil on wood
Little ritual III
(Flowers and spoon)
5.8 x 10.2cm
Oil on wood


Exploring emotion through objects and how we relate to them. The objects chosen are often small, discarded, used or old. I don’t search for specific items I just collect them as I find them or am given them by others. Their symbolic and metaphorical meanings can be both universal and personal to each person, a collection of experience and history. The more natural objects I pick such as feathers and insects add a sense of ephemerality to the work.