Elizabeth Neville


Elizabeth Neville Reclining Form
Elizabeth Neville Curvature in Terre Verte
Elizabeth Neville Oblique Female Form
Reclining Form
25 x 40cm
Oil on canvas
Curvature in Terre Verte
30 x 60cm
Oil on canvas
Oblique Female Form
25 x 40cm
Oil on canvas
Elizabeth Neville Reconstructed Female Form
Elizabeth Neville Seated Nude
Reconstructed Female Form
20 x 45cm
Oil on canvas
Seated Nude
30 x 55cm
Oil on canvas


Elizabeth Neville studied Fine Art Painting at the University of Wolverhampton and went on to complete a PGCE in teaching Art in 2000. After an 18-year career in teaching Art, sharing her passion for the subject, including a long, enjoyable stint leading 6th Form Art at Stafford Grammar School, Elizabeth decided to fulfill her lifelong dream and become a full-time practicing painter.
During this initial period, she studied portraiture at the Florence Academy, which enabled her to return to her roots, focusing on the classical methods of painting, studying the old masters, and breaking an image down to its simplist form. It was this concept that then lead her to experiment with deconstruction and abstraction.
Elizabeth’s work now focuses predominantly on the investigation and deconstruction of the human form, resulting in work somewhere between the figurative and abstraction. She works with both oils and acrylics and enjoys playing with the surface quality of the paints to highlight and accentuate the shapes that have been created in the process.
Elizabeth now lives and works back in Staffordshire.