Evelyn Pang

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Miniature ceramic vessels
Approx 6cm high
£25 each
[tab:biography] Ceramicist Evelyn Pang lives and works in London.

‘My work is driven by wanting to connect to the world around me. Clay is a medium that allows me to discover and explore the beauty of this planet and my place in it.

I’m inspired by the designed purpose I see in nature and everyday objects alike, and when something resonates with me, regardless of origin, form or medium, aspects of it manifest in my work. I don’t necessarily keep to one method of ideation, but I do find that transitioning from illustration to clay adds an additional dimension of thought to my work, thus leading to quite varied results.

Primarily I throw my work, but sometimes combine sculpture to find more organic forms, bringing it all together with glazing- which I enjoy as a platform for experimentation. For me, creating movement in my work is critical; it’s a guiding principle as I guide the glaze to run over or drip in a certain path or direction. I’m interested in how doing this captures and evokes different emotions just like things found in my environment, such as the flow of water and light.’