Judith Jones


Brutalist Shelter 15x11
In The Night Garden15x11cms
Night Windows 16 15x11
Night Windows 22 15x11
Plot no 56 15x11cm
Rendezvous 15x11
The Little Changing Hut 15x11cms
Twilight At The Allotment 15x11
Walking into Darkness 15x11cms
Twilight series
(C-Type print onto aluminium with Perspex)
Edition info on request
15 x 11cm
£220 each

Greenhouse and car headlights sold

The Twilight Series
‘My Twilight images examine the dialectic between the outside and inside and with the conflicts of private and public spaces. The Images explore concepts of exclusion and isolation, fear and uncertainty. Seemingly mundane vernacular spaces can hold a myriad of memories for us all, some of these spaces we may approach with fear or excitement, or simply a sense of familiarity and nostalgia. The ‘blue hour’ of twilight takes us through the transition between day and night with an uncanny sense of unease. The border between night and day is as intangible as the visible but elusive hints of the lived spaces within the borders of our homes.
Documenting this fragile time frame presents a magical, filmic space that at once intrigues and fascinates yet frightens me.’

Process – Durospecs
All these small works are Perspex reverse mounted, made by Spectrum Photographic a professional photographic printers in Brighton. They have named/copyrighted their ‘take’ on this process as a Durospec.
The Durospec is a C-Type print, (that is a wet/traditional darkroom colour print) mounted on Aluminium, (which is then called a Dibond) this has then been ‘covered’ or rather mounted on the surface of the image with 3mm of Perspex, directly on top of the image – This is then called a Durospec.