Kathy Dalwood

X Files miniature busts
Limited edition
Tallest: 21.5 x 8cm
£150 each (middle sold)
[tab:biography] Kathy Dalwood
My sculpture centres around the process of casting, primarily in plaster and concrete. Showing at Andelli Art are two distinct collections; one figurative, the other abstract, but both unified through the practice of casting directly from real objects and materials. This often includes items from the recycle bin and builders’ skips. My plaster busts collage together random objects and contrasting materials, exploring histories of sculpture, fashion and architecture.
The Bas-Reliefs re-visit this ancient illusionistic technique in which objects and environments appear perspectively three-dimensional while only occupying a shallow depth of relief. The subject matter combines my interests in the everyday and mundane alongside my enduring interest in architecture and townscape.
The plaster friezes – titled ‘Setsquares’ – reference Modernist architecture in terms of composition and design. Some, while seemingly wholly abstract, are similarly created by direct casting from real objects including Lego bricks and flattened packaging.
The sculptural form and relief of both collections is emphasised by the choice of unadulterated white plaster as material.