Linda Felcey


Amber Equinox
Oil on canvas
21 x 27cm

Linda studied Fine Art Painting at Grimsby School of Art and Kingston University. Her studio lies beneath the escarpment of Mount Caburn where Downs meet Weald.

‘Capturing the familiar and fugitive, my work explores the sense and suggestion of the passage of time; the rapture of fleeting reality, a moment of being. The sense of extraordinary awareness of being.
Each painting is connected to a particular season – the cast of light, the gestures of a falling leaf, a quivering bloom, a bird alighting on the edge of a bowl – leaving subtle and sometimes exuberant traces that impart the transient beauty and perishableness of life.
The solid vessels that contain the mutable moment where time is visible but not arrested, are imbued with their own stories captured in chips, cracks or a lost maker’s mark; warm and worn from holding.
What emerges in the quiet space between those things is a wonderful consolation for our inconsolable longing for life; an intimation of delight, instants of blurring and becoming.’

‘Linda’s work comes from an intimate relationship with the natural world, from a distinct and respectful way of life in deep conversation with her surroundings, from close observation and quiet contemplation. Each piece is intricate, layered and luminous, capturing the elusive qualities of place, of shifting light and atmosphere, reflecting our relationship with the transient seasons.
Her work reminds us to pay attention to what exists in the margins, it is simply about taking notice.’
Louisa Thomsen Brits

Linda exhibits regularly both in London and the south of England. Her work is widely collected with pieces owned nationally and internationally.