Lydia Needle

lydia needle 54
lydia needle 58
lydia needle 62
Andrena argentata
Small Sandpit Mining Bee
Andrena congruens
Long-fringed Mining Bee
Andrena thoracica
Cliff Mining Bee
lydia needle 67
lydia needle 68
lydia needle 77
Bombus cryptarum
Cryptic Bumblebee
Bombus humilis
Brown-banded Carder Bee
Lasioglossum albipes
Bloomed Furrow Bee
lydia needle 80
lydia needle 82
lydia needle 85
Lasioglossum cupromicans
Turquoise Furrow Bee
Lasioglossum fulvicorne
Chalk Furrow Bee
Macropis europaea
Yellow Loosestrife Bee
lydia needle 86
lydia needle 88
lydia needle 93
Megachile centuncularis
Patchwork Leafcutter Bee
Melecta albifrons
Common Mourning Bee
Nomada ferruginata
Yellow-shouldered Nomad Bee
lydia needle 94
lydia needle 97
9bee2 lydia needle Andrena rosae
Nomada fucata
Painted Nomad Bee
Osmia bicolor
Red-tailed Mason Bee
Andrena rosae
Perkins Mining Be
34.2 lydia needle Hylaeus incongruous
40.3 lydia needle Nomada fulvicoris
45.4 lydia needle Osmia xanthomelane
Hylaeus incongruous
White-lipped Yellowface Bee
Nomada fulvicoris
Orange-horned Nomad Be
Osmia xanthomelane
Large (Cliff) Mining Bee
47.2 lydia needle Sphecodes rubicundus
1.4 lydia needle andrena denticulata
Sphecodes rubicundus
Red-tailed Blood Bee
Andrena denticulata
Grey-banded Mining Be
[tab:Fifty bees project] Lydia Needle is a textile and mixed media artist from Somerset. She works with a range of found, salvaged and beach-combed materials combined with wool but it is always the wool itself that inspires her practice. All of her work has an emphasis on the environment and sustainability and Lydia’s current major creative project is called, ‘FIFTY BEES: The Interconnectedness of All Things’, devised to showcase the plight of the British bee.
The FIFTY BEES project began because she came to realise how very ignorant she was about bees, despite her lifelong interest in the natural world. Lydia’s primary focus throughout the project is to research and to learn as much as possible about our bees.
“I sculpt small, individual art pieces from wool and thread inside a range of wonderful vintage containers; so far there are 100 sculptures but I am aiming to complete 275, one for each of Britain’s species of bee. The containers are a vitally important part of the FIFTY BEES project. Not only are they the frames for the artwork but they are also like characters in the story so they have to talk to me and I have to fall in love with them a little bit in order to be inspired to work into them, to transform them into something new and unique. The size, shape, sound, touch and, sometimes, even the smell of a container helps me to decide what creature to build inside.”
For each of the FIFTY BEES artworks, another fifty artists, makers, writers and musicians produce one new work in response to one of Lydia’s bee pieces, in order to give a fuller illustration of the diversity of our bee population, how endangered it is and how our pollinators are completely interlinked with our ecosystem.