Malcolm Ashman


circling the island-watercolour and pencil-28x38cm-£800
rain on the sea-watercolour and pencil-27x25cm-£650
‘Circling the island’
Watercolour and pencil
28 x 38cm
‘Rain on the sea’
Watercolour and pencil
27 x 25cm


Malcolm Ashman RWA
Born in Bath, Somerset in 1957, Malcolm Ashman is a painter with the landscape and figure as principal subjects.
He is an academician at the Royal West of England Academy (RWA) and a member of the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA). He has exhibited widely in London and the south of England, including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and the Threadneedle Prize. He lives and works in Bath.

“Two subjects have engaged me over many years, the landscape and the figure. I don’t maintain a single cohesive style but prefer to allow each piece to dictate how I will respond.
The landscape paintings, at one time directly observed, are worked from brief drawings and memory; the process has become as important as the subject matter. As a child the landscape was a place of escape, I could draw, paint or just observe and imagine. An early lesson in the joys of solitude that’s stayed with me.
Working with the figure is a totally different proposition. I want it to be an interactive process and I enjoy the unnerving prospect of not being in complete control. My impulse is to observe closely, recording as accurately as possible my response to the sitter and their response to me. Both paintings and drawings are built of layers and repeated marks over a long period, the resulting work a hybrid of both myself and my model, a record of time spent.”