Matt Loughlin


matt loughlin always in the garden carving for sale
Always in the garden
Carved limestone
29 x 29cm
Rising sun
Carved and painted/gold leaf terracotta
22 x 22cm


Image credit: Max Bainbridge

Image: Max Bainbridge

Matt Loughlin is a traditionally trained letter-cutter and stone carver based in Somerset, England. Originally from New York, Matt worked as a fashion graphic designer internationally for over a decade before settling in England. There he discovered his passion for the ancient craft of letter-cutting and, after several years as an apprentice to a master letter-cutter, set up his own practice.

Matt draws and carves all of his work by hand, the old-school way, with a hammer and chisel. He also makes ink and wax rubbing prints from many of the stones he carves, connecting back to the long history of rubbings taken from church brasses and monuments. In addition to creating fine art and sculpture, which he exhibits widely, Matt also undertakes international commissions for bespoke gravestones and monuments.

His goal as an artist & craftsperson is to bring an impactful, contemporary voice to the traditional crafts of letter-cutting and printmaking. Matt strives to explore big-question themes with humour and empathy through a combination of relief carving and original, hand-lettered inscriptions.

Drawing inspiration from a wide variety of sources: everything from historical monuments and folk art to traditional calligraphy and modern art, Matt endeavours to create work that inspires people to pause and reflect and appreciate life – in all its wonder, drama, and complexity.