nicky knowles collage

Collage on board
Large (21 x 14.5cm) £450
Medium (14.5 x 10cm) £330

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Nicky knowles artistNicky Knowles was born in London in 1970. Raised in Cambridgeshire, she familiarised herself from an early age with mid century British painting and the St Ives school of artists through Jim Ede’s wonderful collection at Kettles Yard
in Cambridge.
Today, through her paintings, drawings and collages, Nicky works intuitively putting down colour, marks and shapes in paint and paper out of which she aims to create an image of balance and unity. There is no doubt that her latest work is a nod to the mid century British art scene that she so admires but she has also developed her own personal and distinguishable techniques and style which is both strong in its confident use of scale, form and mark making and lyrical in composition. Nicky does not shy away from beauty, instead she playfully pushes abstraction forward to create strong poetic imagery.