Parastoo Ganjei

Parastoo Ganjei rose painting
‘Autumn rose’
Acrylic on board, 9 x 9″


Parastoo Ganjei lives and works in Wiltshire where she creates energetic and vibrant still life and landscape paintings.
‘Where I live is a beautiful and engaging part of the world and painting nature not only has given me the chance to practice the enviable career as painter, it has taught me so much about life and how resilient the nature is.
I paint my immediate surroundings but If my painting is not representing a fertile imagination it wouldn’t have the power to convince. I think my inner feelings and consciousness give life to my paintings.
I have been painting all my life, well as far as I can remember. In my opinion to be able to create is a blessing and artistic creations have been the highest achievements in my personal life.’