Pennie Elfick

Pennie elfick cubiform 8
Pennie elfick cubiform 9
Pennie elfick cubiform 10
Pennie elfick cubiform 11
Cuboid sculptures
Acrylic on solid pine, 14.5cm square
£450 each

‘I create work that has a duality, it is an emotional response to something tangible but resolutely abstract in its pictorial structure. By removing any figurative references I am able to investigate the poetry that can be created by colour and form in an abstract manner. Depending on the reference point used for each body of work, these works by their particular use of colour may create surfaces that sit quietly or shout, each with the ability to disorientate the eye. The use of seemingly repetative shapes, spaces and lines in combination with certain colours can create calm or chaos, order or disorder.
The use of acrylic paint with its ability to dry so fast has enabled the paintings to be created more by intuition than any mathematical calculations, fine layers of paint are applied, removed and reordered, so that the work grows organically. In this way the use of colour and how it reacts is a continuous journey which is full of surprises.
Each piece of work in its own way commands the attention of the viewer, challenging them to contemplate and reassess what they think they see.’