Perfectly formed exhibition

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Perfectly Formed features small-scale works creating big impressions.
Presenting an exhibition of smaller artworks (from the 19th and 20th Century, alongside contemporary artists/makers) means we are able to showcase over 130 pieces by 27 artists.
Perfectly Formed offers the opportunity to invest in small works by local, national and international artists, whether you are looking to build your collection, or seeking something to enhance even the most limited surface or wall space.

Featured artists/makers:
Malcolm Ashman, Morag Ballard, Liz Bath, Daisy Cook, Leslie Glenn Dahmus, Lizet Dingemans, Mark Entwisle, Elizabeth Hand, Fiona Hingston, Honor Jolliffe, Helen Jones, Nicky Knowles, Angela Lizon,
Dion Salvador Lloyd, Margaret Lovell, Wendy Lovegrove, Peter Mammes, Dan Morley, Evelyn Pang ceramics and Penny Price amongst others.

15 June–12 July
Open Wednesday–Sunday 10am–5pm