Sue Mundy

Sue Mundy artist
‘The moon, the sea & everything in-between’
30cm x 20cm

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Sue Mundy’s organic work demonstrates her early obsession with natural forms such as pebbles, rocks, the sea and other objects hewn from the landscape. The unique characteristic of her forms and surface textures are the result of combining two different clays together, such that a coarse yet plastic body is achieved.
Sue uses hand-building techniques which she feels offers her a more considered way of working. This enables her to nurture each individual piece and allow time for its own development and growth. To emphasize the entrenched marks made on each surface, slips and oxides are selectively applied during the course of the drying process. Finally the works are fired in a gas kiln, often in a reduction atmosphere.
She gained direct entry for a Multidisciplinary Design degree at North Staffordshire Polytechnic, specializing in ceramics.
Sue Mundy has exhibited and sold her work in many galleries throughout the country, including Beaux Arts – Bath, Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Bonhams contemporary ceramics auctions.